Marine Pakistan Shipping & Logistics Lawyer’s fully integrated crisis response Technical CHAMBERS & Intellectual PARTNERS whose industrious volumes to Marine Cargo Engineering, Ship Surveying, Asset Recovery, Merger, Acquisitions, Joint and Marine Mining Ventures, Arbitrations, etceteras.

Our Shipping, Maritime and Marine Minerals Mining Commodity Magnates and Back Channel Diplomats are leading from the front.

1. Mr. Syed Mustahsan Abbas Esq.!
X—Pak Shaheen, represented The Torvald Klaveness Group in Pakistan. Involved effectively in widespread brokerage services to ship-owners and users of bulk and specialized vessels, equipped with logistics services.

2. M/s. Marine Consultants!
i.  Mr. Hassan Abbas Esq.
ii. Engineer Mr. Raisuddin Siddiqui Esq. (Office Bearers and Member of Executive Council; Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan.

3. Mr. Anas Mustafa Esq.!
M/s. G.B. Potts & Company (Private) Limited; Marine & Miscellaneous/MBD (Marine Blowers/ Marine Storage, Boat & Dry Dock).

All are Licensed Insurance Surveyors and Registered Authorized Surveying Officers; Securities & Exchange Commission, Government of Pakistan.

Marine Claims, Commercial Resolutions & Arbitration Management!
Marine Pakistan Shipping & Logistics Lawyers has built up an impressive reputation for excellence in the field of marine & transit claims consultancy worldwide. We have recognized and responded to our client’s changing requirements over the years. We are committed to providing pro-active, innovative and economic solutions for our clients in all areas of our business.

Marine & Transit Claims Consultancy!
In addition to Hull, Cargo and Asset Recovery, Marine Pakistan Shipping & Logistics Lawyers formed a specialized General Average & Casualty Management since 1975; we protects the cargo interests in all types of major marine and financial casualties.

Both Pakistan & United Arab Emirates Shipping Logistics Lawyers servicing liability claims, concerning itself with ocean transport liabilities, and International Surveyors and Adjusters Limited, handling road / rail / logistics liabilities.

Within the Pakistan & United Arab Emirates there are also seven survey operations where our technical intimates specialize in either Cargo or Hull & Machinery surveys.

Marine and Industry qualified surveyors providing a blend of nautical and experts specialized in various disciplines, chemicals, oil & gas, renewable Energy, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, heavy lift & project / refrigerated cargoes, steel, forest products and commodities.

P&I, F&D, Charterer’s Liability

Survey, Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention

Global 24/7, Casualty Response & Investigation

Adjusting, Settling, Third Party Administration

Protecting Cargo in Terminated or Interrupted Voyages

Freight Forwarding, Haulage, Logistics, Risk Prevention