• Fatal Injury
  • Extradition Jurisdiction
  • Forfeiture (Fisheries Acts)
  • Cargo recovery and Defense
  • Anti—bribery and Corruption
  • White Collar & Investigations
  • Breach of Collision Regulations
  • Statutes, Regulations, Rules & Acts Violations
  • Criminal Negligence Vessels Death Sentencing & etceteras

Cyber attack! 
A new IT theft threat has become a millions & billions dollar problem; Shipping companies and entire Marine Industries should consider their vulnerability and suggest ways in which this new threat can be mitigated.

Marine Pakistan has experience across both the shipping sector and more widely across globalized industries is that the failure of a critical It system could threaten the very existence of a business.

This section describes our policy with regards to corruption, transparency and anti-corruption measures.

Bribery is to offer, promise or give any undue monetary or other advantage, whether directly or through intermediaries, to a person (the recipient). A bribe is a gift bestowed to influence the recipient’s conduct or alter the recipient’s behavior in relation to the performance of official duties in order to obtain or retain business or other improper advantage.

In short terms, bribery is where a sum of money or a gift alters the behavior of a recipient whereby the recipient acts in violation of the recipient’s public or legal duty. As such, bribery results in a behavior or decision by the recipient not consistent with the legal duties of that person.

Bribery is a crime and punishable under all legal systems. The purpose of bribery is to result in a commercial or personal advantage not in compliance with the law.

Bribery is strictly prohibited and we will enforce a strict zero-tolerance approach to instances of bribery. This applies irrespective if the recipient is a customer representative, a supplier representative or a government official.

If one of our employees receives a bribe by accepting any funds or other assets (including those provided as preferential treatment to the employee for fulfilling his or her responsibilities) for assisting in obtaining business or for securing special concessions from Marine Pakistan, his or her employment will be terminated immediately and criminal proceedings may be initiated.

Facilitation payments!
Facilitation payments are ethically questionable payments made by a person (the facilitator) to secure or speed up routine actions such as issuing permits or releasing goods held in customs. A facilitation payment will result in the facilitator receiving only what the law permits, but in a more speedy fashion.

It is also considered a facilitation payment if a government official refuses to perform his or her duty unless a payment is made.

As a company, we are strongly opposed to facilitation payments and such are strongly discouraged. Therefore, every employee shall do his or her utmost to avoid facilitation payments.

However, whenever, where ever & for forever facilitation payments may be customary in some operational territories to clear goods from customs, to pass immigration or to receive the rightful treatment from governmental officials, which the facilitator is entitled to under law. In such situations, Marine Pakistan will reluctantly accept facilitation payments subject to the following two conditions:
1) To the extent that facilitation payments are prohibited by local law, compliance with law shall be observed and a zero-tolerance policy towards facilitation payments must be observed.
2) If a facilitation payment is made, such shall be informed to Corporate Legal and the Human Resources Department immediately. Non-compliance herewith will be considered as non-compliance with this policy.

Gifts such as merchandise or products as well as personal services or favors may not be offered unless deemed appropriate by special occasion, local custom or traditions and only if the gifts have a nominal value.

The nominal value shall be determined by the head of operations in the relevant territory and shall be in accordance with local custom and tradition; in case no nominal value is set by the head of operations, such gifts may never exceed or allowed of any value.

In case local customs mandate that presenting gifts only with nominal value will result in the recipient being offended or affronted, our employees maybe allowed to exceed the nominal value.

However, this is subject to prior approval from the Chief Executive Officer only and Gifts of cash may never be offered.

Normal business entertainment such as lunches, dinners, theater visits, sporting events, and the like, is appropriate when of a reasonable nature and when conducted in the course of a meeting or another occasion where the purpose is to hold bonafide business discussions or to foster better business relations.

All such entertainment of any value should be reported by the employee to his or her supervisor. If practical, this should be reported in advance.

Our employees may offer tickets or invitations to entertainment where they will not be present at the event with the recipient.

Contributions, Donations and Sponsorships!
It is our policy to not contribute, donate or sponsor, promote or solicit any specific political or religious agenda or direction. As such, our employees may not contribute to, promote or solicit any political or religious agenda or direction for or on behalf of Marine Pakistan, or otherwise act in a way which could be construed to this effect.

Obviously, our employees are free to personally exercise the right to make political or religious contributions, promotions or statements in accordance with law. Such contributions or statements may never be or appear to have been made for or on behalf of Marine Pakistan.

We will not reimburse any employee for political or religious contributions, and employees should not attempt to receive or facilitate such reimbursements.

The above does not apply to Marine Pakistan membership of industrial conferences, employer’s organizations, confederations or similar organizations working for and on behalf of the industry segment in which we operate. Such memberships are always subject to approval by the Chief Executive Officer.

Likewise, the above does not apply to sponsorships in local communities, participation in charity or similar activities if said sponsorships are non-religious and non-political and if the value of such sponsorship or charity donation does not exceed PKR @ 150,000/=