• Government Solutions
  • Ocean Regulatory Services
  • Customs Warehouse Management
  • Declaration and Fiscal Compliance
  • Cargo Security Compliance (Security Filings)
  • Support Enablement: CSA, CTPAT, EU Green Lanes

Our Panel of Customs Brokers for!

  • Tariff advice
  • Trade Consultancy
  • Duty drawback claims
  • Customs duty refunds
  • Tariff and Freight audits
  • Classification & Valuation advice

Admiralty — Shipping — Maritime!
In Pakistan and United Arab Emirates Admiralty and Maritime Law mainly involves Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1925 (Hauge Rules), Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2001. At Shipping & Logistics Lawyers we are responsive to provide efficient legal consultancy for Admiralty matters. We have been representing major shipping entities and have also been regularly consulted for by individual consignees to appear against national and international shipping organizations.

We are also available for:

  • Demurrage
  • Maritime liens
  • Charter parties
  • Tort of Conversion
  • Ship owners liability
  • Over and under Invoicing issues
  • Ship arrests and Releases from arrest
  • Shipbuilding, S ale and Purchase of Vessels
  • Charter Party Claims Bills of Lading disputes
  • Collision, Fire, Grounding, General Average and Salvage
  • Short Landing of Cargo, Loss of Cargo, Damage and Contamination