Under the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Review of IEE and EIA) Regulations 2000 Schedule II, there is a requirement for “Ports and harbour development for ships of 500t and above” to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Therefore, an EIA for construction of the PDWCP (marine based components) has been prepared.

Impact Assessment! 
Impacts were assessed for each parameter where sufficient baseline information was available. The Impacts were divided into the construction activities and relevant impacts for each activity were assessed.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an environmental management tool used to ensure that undue or avoidable adverse impacts of the construction and operation of a project are identified, assessed and mitigated / prevented; and that the positive benefits of the project are enhanced.

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)!
Environmental compliance isn’t just critical to your business, but also to your customers’. That’s why we’re committed to following the strictest standards in the transport and goods. We invest heavily in training, set demanding performance targets, and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in safety, security, health, and environmental performance. As environmental legislation increases, so is our drive to keep pace with it.