Inamullah Ansari has fingers in both pies of Mature Industries as his family marine salvage business i.e. Shipping laws and gravitated into Marine sciences as a Marine Geologist with Chemical Mineralogical Mining & Minerals Concessions of law-gical diversity rules for responsible & responsive management of environmental technology on marine mining conversations.

Licensed Shipping lawyer since-1999 and Marine Geologist where his dissertation addressed environmental constraints for development of offshore production & Principal Legislative Drafter with 22 years of business and mining experience in Pakistan. Being a responsible corporate citizen he is managing  cross technology/policy lines as legal adviser and be trained on legal issues relating to DSM on Geological, Technological, Biological and Environmental aspects of Deep Sea Minerals.

Contemporary Jurisprudence & International law of the Sea & Ocean Affairs with straight interaction in the Seafloor / Subsea / Deep & Ultra-Deepsea Interventions.

On his sabbatical, he studied at the legal and capital markets as coordinator; specializes in Banking & Capital Markets Law, Mergers & Acquisitions with the art & science of post-merger integration, Joint Ventures, IPOs, Foreign Investments & Foundations Law with the legal aspects of deep sea minerals (DSM) and Counseling on Country—Private Sector Contract Negotiations. 

He advise on all aspects of Maritime law negotiations and proceedings before Pakistan & International port authorities including government departments. He also act for clients in complex maritime disputes, including liability actions and settlements as well as helping clients address project development, commercial arrangements and regulatory issues involved in key infrastructure and transport-related projects.

Advocate Inamullah Ansari is considered by experts as the best Mining Counsel in Pakistan, and a large number of transactions in this space are orchestrated or advised by him. Furthermore, he personally advises Ministers and other Cabinet-level personnel’s in the Government on various policies related to the business of mining and mineral exploration where he looks to continue its growth & insights will be invaluable.

His practice is highly active for companies owning mineral assets and or operating mining enterprises in Pakistan & Partner for Shipping Lines Resilience (Helping Business Bounce Back in Tough Times). His experience spans industrial and precious diversified minerals, as well as diamonds & gold, and he advises the highest levels of companies in Pakistan. 

Essential knowledge in mineral exploration, processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment, discovery and determination, constantly developing my understanding in the mining operations and the process. He is also familiar with the feasibility studies for recovering mineral deposits and mine reclamation operations. He also possess comprehensive knowledge in the Mining and its Safety Acts, its regulations and applicable codes apply but also with the mitigation of damage or change to an environment as a result of that production and processing and have knowledge of pertinent scientific theory, engineering fundamentals, and improved technology to exploit the natural resources productively and economically. Moreover, the integral part is to estimate the natural resources, planning and development of underground and open pit mines of metallic and non—metallic minerals.