Environmentally Responsible Company Ethic!
™Developed an environmentally responsible company ethic by showing management commitment, implementing environmental management systems, providing time & resources to demonstrate requirements of the ethic to employees and contractors.

Marine Pakistan providing regulatory certainty provisions to promote Pakistan’s!
• encourages investment
• seafloor massive deposits
• reputation internationally
• Provides comfort to the people
• promote consultation and transparency
• safeguarding as to environmental and social impact
• legislation reduces potential for liability for damages
• requires deep sea minerals activities to be properly under the State’s control and in adherence with international standards

Adjudicating disputes arising out of the interpretations & applications on the convention under the Maritime domain of neglect cases along with the code of violations for contentious & non—contentious matters:
Military & Civil Maritime Airborne Reconnaissance & Surveillance / Anti—piracy & Drug interdiction operations / Coastal landforms / Marine geosciences / Nearshores & Continental Shelves including Beaches / Lease Mining / Shipper’s Supply & Logistics Chains / Transportation / Shipping / Cargo / Freight Forwarders liability, demurrage & defense / Protection & Indemnity / Credit—Political—Financial risks / Insurance / Customs / Marine financing / Foreclosures & Vessel arrests & Attachments Strategic Counsels, Arbitrators & High/Supreme Courts Advocates in Pakistan & United Arab Emirates.

Our witty adjunct faculty correspondents & associate courts attorneys are available too in full swing in Courtrooms, Boardrooms & Screening rooms with the Art of Drafting, Pleadings & Conveyancing for Commercial @ the right time & the ability to manage and proactively address the risks control, Mitigation, Asset & Sovereign debt Integrity Management (A Roaring Business).