Mariners, Navigational warnings, duties in connection with inquires into Shipping Causalities, Pilgrim Ships, Light Houses, External Emigration, Examination for Competency Certificates, Registration of Ships, engagement and disengagement of seamen- all Shipping Office duties and general administration of Central and Provincial Acts pertaining to merchant shipping, Consultancy and relevant services for:

– Offshore Business Companies incorporation

– Specialized – International Business Companies, SPV/SPE

– Exclusive UAE Representative for SeaEnter Marine Consultancy

– Ship Registry consultancies, including relevant services, SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, ILO

– Exclusive UAE Representative for: RegShip Inc. Kingstown, Representative Agent for Maritime Administration, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Marine Consultants / Advisers, Business Management / Diplomatic Communication, International Business and Governmental Communication, International Relations, Negotiation, Flag of Convenience Project, Preparation, Planning, Establishing, Management, Control of Maritime Network, Flag Administration, Technical, Class Management, Admiralty Law, Insurance, P&I, Underwriter, Risk Management, Software Applications, SEO, Networking, Marketing Research & Surveys.

We work across the Maritime and Offshore industries as a whole, advising Ship owners, Charterers, Shipyards, P&I Clubs, Port and Terminal operators, Underwriters & Traders, Oil majors, Commodity houses, Insurers / Reinsurers, Contractors, Owners of FPSOs, Platforms, Rigs & Other Offshore Craft and Installations.

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